Clarie Cheong
02:32 10/10/2016


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Christian Joseph Dela Cruz Gotcha!
Phelps Michael Tapit Did you use lens
Jay Carmelotes Stunning Shot from Admin JC

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S7 edge ^^

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Raymund Bumagat How do u do this?

Auto + super few editing from Snapseed. :) Rustic design

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Ăbďõ Ălwĕřfăly What settings did you use?

S7 edge pro

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Saiden Damiano Ampuan ano po setting nito?
Timie Runas Thank you?
Darren Bernardino Just set the focus to really low.
Louise Azarcon ff
Timie Runas Please share the setting for blurred light effect?

S7 e pro mode

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Muhammad Wachid Low iso with long exposure time.
Martin Tuazon Galing!
John Jonathan Santos Settings please
Mohamed K. Al Shawesh How how Settinga please
Ăbďõ Ălwĕřfăly What settings did you use?

Taken from one of the wonders of the world : underground river sabang puerto pincesa palawan Philippines #itsmorefunHEREinPHILIPPINES #S7

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Jour Nimo I used 16 shots to took that photo in normal effect :)
Ăbďõ Ălwĕřfăly What settings did you use?

Underwater shot at boracay no filter

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John Ray Enimedez Hahah
Kelvin Ross Angdos Holgado <---- took the risk haha.
Monero Zaman Polangi do samsung have this underwater accessories for s7 edge?
John Ray Enimedez Thank you mam :)
Joanna Frances Sabile Valin I guess I won't risk it. :) Nice photo!

Underwater snapshot~

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Clarie Cheong S7Edge
Nathaniel Dela Cruz Castro s7 or s7E?

Eating like a boss

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Jay-ar Caya Caya Caringal Lawrence eh eh. Bakit ka narine?