Chandan Sridhar
16:23 10/10/2016

Hey everyone!! My pictues are not so clear and grainy at times even in indoor lighting(although not very low).. Are there any settings to tweak??

Earlier I was using Nexus 6p and I felt it's still photos were much better in the same lighting than the S7.. I shot in Auto mode..

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Delaney Schafer
Do your pictures always appear grainy or only when you upload them to facebook?
Christophe JC H Lamotte
i usually start with ISO50 and the shutter is auto
Christophe JC H Lamotte
lesser your ISO
Miriam Tilli
can you show an example please?

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#promode #snapseed.

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Flower Auto Crop only S7Edge

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Home Garden ?

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Pro + Snapseed

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ER Montes what app are you using for watermark?

Pro + Snapseed

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Dom St. Stephan pro mode (I'm a pro photographer anyway), raw file s7e

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Hamza Thaeem Nice
Monero Zaman Polangi Awesome!
Odi Pua Lao Breathtaking!
Eli T. Riviera Where is dis at? I need it for my historical lessons

cook soup S7edge Snapseed

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Batman edition

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Baha Gavaz Kardeş boku bokuna o kadar para vermişin ona düz siyahı daha güzel du yu andırsikent mi
Loay Gharib Atieh Alkhatbah هاي النسخة حقها 700 دينار نسخة باتمان
Justin Ancheta Where did you get that theme and case?
Paolo De Luna Nicolas I think it's Injustice Edition not Batman Edition ?
Odi Pua Lao There are members of this group who aren't Filipinos, guys.. FYI..

S7 edge dual sim... front & rear camera

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Julius Baluyot Pro mode? O auto

Samos vathy Greece

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S7 edge!!!samos

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S7 edge!samos vathy Greece!!!

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Lights is <3

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Ăbďõ Ălwĕřfăly -
Dessya Paramitha Oh my! How do you do this?

No edit. Pro mode by S7 Edge?

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Walang edit. Auto mode.

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Turbo ?

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While inside a moving vehicle ?

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Johair Siscar Addang Same place Slex
Mark Gerald Aglipay Auto
Aaron Paul Bernas Settings?


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Christian Joseph Dela Cruz Gotcha!
Phelps Michael Tapit Did you use lens
Jay Carmelotes Stunning Shot from Admin JC

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S7 edge ^^

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Raymund Bumagat How do u do this?

Auto + super few editing from Snapseed. :) Rustic design

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Ăbďõ Ălwĕřfăly What settings did you use?

S7 edge pro

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Saiden Damiano Ampuan ano po setting nito?
Timie Runas Thank you?
Darren Bernardino Just set the focus to really low.
Louise Azarcon ff
Timie Runas Please share the setting for blurred light effect?

S7 e pro mode

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Muhammad Wachid Low iso with long exposure time.
Martin Tuazon Galing!
John Jonathan Santos Settings please
Mohamed K. Al Shawesh How how Settinga please
Ăbďõ Ălwĕřfăly What settings did you use?

Taken from one of the wonders of the world : underground river sabang puerto pincesa palawan Philippines #itsmorefunHEREinPHILIPPINES #S7

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Jour Nimo I used 16 shots to took that photo in normal effect :)
Ăbďõ Ălwĕřfăly What settings did you use?