Benefactor Vertigra
07:35 10/29/2016

Can S7 edge camera shoot wide angle photos like LG G5 without using External Lens. Mean by software?

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Panorama :)
Benefactor Vertigra
OK! I will try then. 😊
Cmdr Macoy
Cmdr Macoy
I was just about to say that PRACTICE ☺
Christophe JC H Lamotte
heres mine :)
Christophe JC H Lamotte
maybe just need to practice :)
Benefactor Vertigra
Its difficult to get good picture, need skill to get nice pic 😓
Christophe JC H Lamotte
yes.. surround shot :)

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The 5th Floor Horror S7e Pro Mode Iso 100 Lightroom

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Kher Bernardez Ano color sayo Mark Andrew Baytan?

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Pro mode + snapseed

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OceanPark Hong Kong S7e; Snapseed

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Cmdr Macoy Wait I'll take it back... great timing! ☺👍👍
Cmdr Macoy Nice capture and good timing ☺👍
Loay Gharib pro mode?

No edit

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Tolantongo, México. Snapseed

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Pro mode..

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Cmdr Macoy Ahh.. I don't care about your shot, give me that cake! Yum yum! Haha... 😊 ✌

Is S7's front camera back focusing? S6 seems to take sharper images with the front facing camera.

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Ivanfer Garay Kahit ganyan lang ako kapogi.. hahaha
Joseph Kahit ganito lang sana
Happy Lacaba Hahaha' never mind the wrinkles.. I like the idea of having raw selfie and taking control of it thru 3rd party app.. It just doesnt work the way it is sooooow dull. It missed the emotion in your eyes. Ayoko ding nasosoft skin ung sharpness ng ...
Kieru Hakuchūmu The front camera sensor is behind a fixed focus 22mm ultra wide angle lens. I don't have any idea about the distance at which it is focused though. Hahaha
Joseph I think it back focuses. If you look closely the background objects are a little sharper.

Kensington, London Pro + Snapseed

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Hey guys, Samsung S7 Edge in offer on AMAZON!

Samsung G935 Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone da 32GB, Nero [Italia]
Samsung G935 Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone da 32GB, Nero [Italia]


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Gary Eric Nice photo Loay Gharib 😊
Jeppy Lumagui Some of the photos in this group are amazing because our cameraphone is amazing. Some are exceptional because of the subject. This one features the latter. Awesome shot!
John Taylor How long did that take to get the pic?
Loay Gharib Thanks 😃

Which is better huawei p9 or s7

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Naqqash Ali S7 edge
Faizan Raza S7
Yanskie Gelera Garferio P9 lack of OIS...
Gino Marco Evangelista S7 camera...likely very filtered...brighter in low light even in auto mode.but less detail.
Joe Ma Rie I am using both phones mentioned, at dhil sa andito tayo sa s7 group i'll pick s7. At kung nataon n sa p9 group tayo syempre pipiliin ko si p9. Both phone are anazing lalo n sa mga camera nila pero ang mas nagustuhan ko kay p9 ay ang quick responce ng ...

s7 Edge (Antalya,Turkey)

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silhouette experiment..

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Romis Hudda Is it from s7??
Alex El Pillo Cisneros One of the greatest pics in this group! Great job!
Christophe JC H Lamotte awesome!! Can i see a screenshot of Details please? :D

S7e panorama mode

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Auto + snapseed

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Pro + snapseed Sunset

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Pro mode.

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Auto + snapseed

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S7 + Auto Lightroom

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Joanna Frances Sabile Valin Bahay na bato! Wow!
Toni Montanez wow bonggaa.. bahay na bato..luna, la union.. 😘😘😘