David Hall
13:39 10/28/2016

Anyone else tried the new feature (local guide 5 or trusted photographer?) for connecting photos in Google Street View?

I think it is an amazing improvement and exactly what I had imagined when taking the pictures in the first place. Now I want to do more since I can properly visualize the layout.

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Mase Hacker
Thats something they need to fix. Did you post it in the maps forum.
David Hall
Just have to link them first, then place them in the proper locations. There is no layer option, it is just direction. So direct them up stairs and from there. In my first post, 13,2,5,1,4 are all upstairs. As you can see 4 hanging out near 20, but not conected. The problem however is that the web browser seems to still be connecting regardless of manual connection.
Mart Gombert
Great post David, I was looking for that feature but couldn't find that. How about multiple floors, and tips how to do this with the new feature?
Jonny Sparrow
Omg that's soooo much better. Going to satellite view helps too
Richard Deakin
It is showing my photos are all over the place lol
Jonny Sparrow
Excellent had not spotted that. Was having little joy with the arrow system. Going to play around a bit now. Thanks
Richard Deakin
I am trusted photographer but can't find that? Where is it in the app?
David Hall
Odd, I've only looked at my recently connected pictures with the app and the arrows were lined up nicely. However, if viewing the same set of photos on a website it is offering connections to pictures in any area. Now I can virtually leap through walls. The above screen shot shows the "tour" I made. You can view the pictures here and see they align with the others as well. https://goo.gl/maps/aKv9nhj4JaN2
Mase Hacker
I had to drag them out far to make sure they were linked then place them back ontop of each other.
Ian Foster
Thank you
David Hall
The app, when you select a set of photos, there is another option you connect.
Ian Foster
Didn't realise this new workflow existed. Is this from the street view app or Google maps html ?
Mase Hacker
I did a few small places and couldn't get it to zoom in on my s7 very far the bubles all overlaped
David Hall
I was able to zoom in pretty far. The screenshot was an edit of one that I dumped all in the exact same point. I then spread them all out and lined up and appropriate.
Mase Hacker
the only thing I with is had was the ability to zoom in when placing the numbered markers. Google wants one picture every 3 ft but when you try to place the circles they don't overlap very well.

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Do you think its the money worth buying the S7 Edge instead of the S6 Edge plus that I have now? Will the difference in video quality/resolution in GEAR 360 be the money worth?

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Nigel Cummings Yes, the S6 edge battery is awful, stitching uses a lot of processing power, depleting the battery really quickly, it barely lasts a day as it is, tasking it with 360 imagery and connectivity puts it under a great strain. The S7 can easily go two days ...
Raphael Haddock It would make sense if your wanting far better quality and speed plus don't want to spend all the time using the PC software...
Jamal Jamie Green I would think not. It would be nice to see a comparison. BTW -- I think Action Director is fine for basic stitching -- definitely if just comparing this vs the phone. Of course the pro apps will give more advanced options, but will set you back much ...
Thomas Popowich S7 can convert to 4k 360 video, while S6 only full hd. Picture quality is the same.
Andreas Tichon S7 will be stitching videos in 4K, but you should prefer to use desktop software for stitching, anyway (NOT Action Director) ;-)



Today at the Mumbai Film Festival organized by the Mumbai Academy of the Moving Image (MAMI), AMD showcased new technology that can bring 360 video and Virtual Reality to millions through a bleeding edge Virtual Reality capture instrument with up to 32 cameras and the AMD’s renowned GPU-accelerated…

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Diego Martín del Pozo Well, that's a MONSTER camera rig

drumming music

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Happy halloween !

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First VR reader for virtual reality lovers:

VR reader by VR Cardboard Buddies
VR reader by VR Cardboard Buddies

This is a VR application that shows a very interesting functionality: allow the developer to easily build a reading interface. The scripts will help the developer create transitions between predefined pages, that may contain images, text and titles. The pages can be easily customized and hyperlinks…

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Anyone out there interested in reviewing VR content. Any platform is welcome though i am in greater need of a PC reviewer. If you interested than please hit me up. I'm thevrgrid on all social media. www.thevrgrid.com

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Ryan Ouellette Yeah I hear ya, getting the psvr was a big deal for me because of the price, but I decided I'm really committed to making my site and pages a success. If you are interested in reviewing we can discuss details more privately but the basics are as follows ...
David Hall I love testing out products. I only have the Gear VR at the moment though. Really debating on another system, just the $$$.

Wtf... best thing so far.. makes sisters look like a kids app... the bedroom... wow..

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Stephen Lange I played this last night. It made me jump back so abruptly that my headboard put a dent in my wall. This is an outstanding app. 5 stars!
David Hall I downloaded it last night as well. Have not made it through both scenarios yet and the fact they have "coming soon" on two more doors is promising. I do love this type of content though.
Andreas Tichon Thanks guys, will check them out! :-)
Mark Rowland Just tried this, good fun and gave me jelly legs
Marcel Oehlen https://www.oculus.com/experiences/gear-vr/821606624632569/

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Live 360 video streaming now ..

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Shoot with a Samsung Gear 360 :-) Instagram: tiny_ole

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Ole Dalen You can edit in adobe aftereffects or kuula :-)
Fer Palarea Martín What software do you use to edit it?

Hi, I sold my Windows PC and only working on Mac. Stitching will be done now on Samsung S6. Is there any difference in quality between S6 or Action Director on a Windows PC for 360 photos?

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Mart Gombert I know about the video quality, but what about the photo quality?
Henri Smeets Indeed, the S6 downscales to 1.6K from 4K!!!
James Hurwitz Action director is higher resolution than s6 but still looks like ass compared to s7 :(

Wash and spin... 😂

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Andreas Tichon There's more to come... Watch out for "inside by dreihundertsechzig" on instagram.com/dreihundertsechzig

Fast & Furious

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Does anyone know the highest resolution in video format? I think it's 3840x1920, and not the 2560x1280 (60 fps). Thanks for the input!

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Diego Martín del Pozo Well... the more pixels the biggest resolution. I think you replied to yourself
Jason Salas Yep, it's 3840-x-1920, which on YouTube comes out as a 2140p movie (4K). Facebook caps 360 videos at 1440.

The only way to watch 360 video using Chromecast would be mirroring my phone to my TV. Google Chromecast + YouTube 360 not compatible. #StretchVideo #FlatVideo

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Jason Salas Hmm...how about casting a Chrome browser tab to your TV? I need to try that.

hi i am getting really blured pics and videos from my gear 360 any body have a fix

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Bob Busch Clean lens?
Dennis Gonzales Think there is some way to use cam with out battery (use powerbank)
Riccardo Andreaus It's a problem related to heat. It's hardware related so there's no solution, keep the camera cool...

http://www.danandrews.com/2016/10/2016-world-series-vr-360-update.html official information on the VR 360 situation with MLB and the World Series.

2016 World Series VR 360 update
2016 World Series VR 360 update

Just got this official response from Matthew Gould VP, Corporate Communications Major League Baseball Advanced Media. " Hi Dan – We’ll be...

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Have you seen this - a gimbal for Gear 360 :-)

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Andreas Tichon Perhaps the Master himself, Philip Bloom, can tell us a few words about it?
Andreas Tichon Funny how this discussion about a cool new product has drifted... And sad. Back to topic, guys? ;-)
Jakkin Wiss Has ANYONE gotten any footage that is even remotely good enough to use? I have mine set on highest quality, i have transferred the files to my computer, not to my phone, and still, you can hardly make out faces, its grainy and in anything less than ...
Mickael Leroux Where to find it ?!
John T. Baquiran It's great for single lens time-lapse