Atieh Alkhatbah
13:05 10/27/2016
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colors of autumn

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S7 Auto settings + Snapseed

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Mariusz Gnieciak :)

Auto Mode - Porto (Portugal)

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Loay Gharib you're killing me man! can you tag me in every photo you take in porto? i miss this city..

Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop S7 edge Auto mode

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Wai Phyo Maung Nice photo

Pro mode HDR

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sharing this for those who dont know about it ;)

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Marwin Leal Mercene if u r watching videos on facebook just make it full screen and u can see the hd button same as on iphone
Franco Pleo you'll see the difference sine it will b
Joseph Sadly videos are still low quality on mobile app :(
Franco Pleo You can go to App Settings in mobile
Måns Everling Did it work?

Abandoned JPG auto hdr snapseed

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Mariusz Gnieciak Nice!

S7 Auto mode + Snapseed

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Lic Sandra Aisicoff Yes but where is? Is in pest or buda?
Adrián Husz Jó lett :)
Lic Sandra Aisicoff Woww
Naqqash Ali Snapspeed


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Arnob Dutta Tøñmoy Settings?

Auto + Snapseed

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Futuristic Art Space: Dongdaemun Design Plaza (Seoul, South Korea) S7 × Auto mode × Snapseed

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Partha Sarathi Pradhan Looks like space ship
Jay Carmelotes Great capture!

Shutter speed: 10s Iso: 80 Cropped and color adjusted using snapseed. Taken beside the pool last night.

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Jayson Mendoza Anong app gamit mo for the watermark?

I love taking photos and I'm about deciding to choose S7 or iPhone 7. Not sure which one is the best. However, there is another choice I just found out when searching for the examples. It is Huawei and it looks good. Now, I'm totally hesitate to choose one of the brands!

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Baba Abdul vote for s7 edge yay
Is-haq Habib Ali Go for #s7edge
Roy I love s7
Delaney Schafer In all fairness the only smartphone camera that comes close to the s7 is the new Google pixel. It does use a lot of post processing but the images do come out looking good. The iPhone 7 and 7 plus are still leaps and bounds behind the samsung. Just ...
Q Nawee Tong Thanks for sharing pics. You are good at shooting photos!

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Christophe JC H Lamotte fire tree?

Stone Beach S7 Auto Panorama Lightroom

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Christophe JC H Lamotte what mode?

The Temple Device: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Location: Ta Keo temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia ISO: 50 Shutter speed: 1/450 Retouched by Snapseed

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Jomer Cruz Can you send the S7 logo?
Angie Eigna snapseed try nyo
Robin Amarante Sir what app did you used for your water mark?
John Vergel Gabriel Anong app gamit sir sa paglagay ng text

Morning ...

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No le encuentro el flash ni la linterna, donde esta???

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Carlos Renz Flash está entre temporizador y tamaño de la imágen en el menú situado en la parte superior de tu pantalla cuando vas a tomar tu foto.
Carlos Renz Flash viene en la cámara, donde viene un rayo puedes ponerlo on off o bien auto. Linterna viene en aplicaciones o bien descarga una en appstore.
Christophe JC H Lamotte English please.

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Samsung S7 Effects | Fast Motion #2

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Bottoms up

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Lic Sandra Aisicoff Je

4K vs Full HD | ¿Qué Televisión me compro?

4K vs Full HD | ¿Diferencias? | ¿Qué TV compro? - Guguel TV
4K vs Full HD | ¿Diferencias? | ¿Qué TV compro? - Guguel TV

En el Post de hoy vamos a determinar que televisión debes comprarte. Para ello nos decidiremos entre dos resoluciones: 4K vs Full HD...

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S7 Edge auto mode + snapseed

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Auto mode + snapseed

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Steve Callaghan Hi Christophe this is the only file I can find. Not to sure where to find all information on mobile. Hope this helps A little.
Christophe JC H Lamotte can i see the details of the picture sir if you please. :)
Christophe JC H Lamotte why is the picture grainy?