Bien Emilio B Navarro
08:13 10/22/2016

Hello from Philippines ? #S7Edge

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Pachuca, México

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Saiden Damiano Ampuan nice shot

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Pro Mode/No Filter

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Homebound to Bohol , Philippines ^^

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My amatur pro

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Santa Catarina - S7 edge - auto

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"Bob" S7 - Auto - Snapseed

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Melissa Johnson Hi bob!!
Ritzen Jarie D. Sañga Is Bob a cicada?
Kely McClung The bug is at about 1 inch
Matthew Malloy Wow that's a close up!


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Melbourne Nite Skyline S7 Auto

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Peter Reyes try pro mode. the result would be much better...

London S7 edge Auto

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My friend Amanda considers herself a amateur photographer and she would like to be a photographer when she grows up. Her mother passed away from cancer. I was trying to think what I could to comfort her, but didn't know what to do. She made a post at the beginning of the year that she would like a better camera, so I decided to start this GoFundMe to try and raise enough money to get her a camera. I am doing this as a total surprise for her. Most people don't know this, but GoFundMe actually takes a pretty significant % of every amount that is donated so what ever I raise I won't actually get. Please keep that in mind. I know cameras and equipment are very expensive so every little bit helps. I don't care if it is only $10 I would really appreciate it and I know Amanda will to. Even if you can't donate you can help out by sharing this post. I have been working long and hard on this since February. If you will notice it has been shared 11K times. I have probably shared it myself 10.8 K times. So please donate if you can and SHARE it. Running these GoFundMe campaigns can be exhausting if you put your whole heart into it like I have, but Amanda is totally worth it.

Click here to support Camera For Amanda by Daniel Moore
Click here to support Camera For Amanda by Daniel Moore

My friend Amanda is a great photographer. Her mother passed away from cancer when she was very young. I know more than anything she says she wishes she could have more memories of her mom and I wish I could do that for her so bad, but I can't. I have been trying to do something really special fo...

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Daniel Moore I am really needing your help. Even if you can't donate please share this post and if you have any questions about the campaign you can leave a message here and I will respond back or email at the campaign link on the page. Thanks again for everyone's ...

❤?☁ panorama

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Beautiful Skies. ❤?⛅???

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Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Wallet Cases

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Wallet Cases
Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Wallet Cases

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Mahmood Dadamia Muazza Carrim Dadamia

#Inlay_lake #Myanmar #Samsung_S7edge

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India..bengal..sikkim...s7 edge

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Her watch ^^ Auto all :)

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Auto + Snapspeed.

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Coffee Beans! S7 Pro Mode Raw

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S7Edge Pro Mode (raw) + Snapseed

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