Is-haq Habib Ali
07:08 10/21/2016

AutoMode #s7edge #hometown #hideaway no editings.

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Pro Mode Shutter: 2 seconds ISO: 50 No Post Edit Instagram: @chadmacato808

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Ritul Gogoi just how :"(

Samsung Galaxy S7 Auto mode

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#S7edge Evening~♡♡♡

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Fireworks s7/promode

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Kit Ye Mine, using S7e too.. ??
E.j. Cereno Settings?
Matthew Malloy Awesome job!
Ivan Stamenkovic What are you doing in this photo which perfomanse?

New Life :) Pro mode

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Ivan Stamenkovic What are you doing in this photo which perfomanse

S7 Auto

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Eimed Magto Serrot Salamat dre! :-)
Jay Carmelotes A Majestic photo of a sunset in Cyprus from Eimed. ?????

Auto Mode. 19/09/2016

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Food for thought... Thinking Outside The Rule of Thirds As a photographer the rule of thirds was embedded into your mind as an axiom of composition. The rule certainly holds merit, but it is not the only component one should reach for when composing a photograph. When used in conjunction with other important elements of composition, the rule of thirds can give you an image that really pops. Next time you’re lining up your viewfinder, take some of the following tips into consideration and see how they can all work together to have a positive effect on your photography. Harmonize Negative and Positive Space – In a nutshell, the positive space in a photograph is any space filled by your subject. Conversely, the negative space is any space that does not contain your subject. Negative space is commonly used in photography as way to single out the subject such as in high key lighting, product photography, or when the sky is being used as a background to a bird flying through the air. The negative space, or background in such instances, is usually ignored all together, while the eye focuses solely on the subject. Generally speaking these are all effective uses of negative space, but it is not the only way to use it. When taking a photograph, look to see if you can compose it so the negative and positive space provide definition and compliment each other. Use Multiple Layers of Interest – It’s our duty as photographers to pay attention to the background and middle-ground of an image. In fact, it’s almost second nature to make sure that the two compliment each other. However, too often the foreground is paid little attention when it is not the primary focus of the image. Take note of the scene you are shooting and look for interesting elements that can provide an additional layer of interest. Start Using Your Feet – Don’t forget that you and your tripod are mobile. Avoid falling into the habit of setting yourself up in one spot and staying put. If the situation allows for it, move around and explore the scene. Take photographs from many different angles and perspectives. Yes, you’ll probably end up trashing a majority of the shots, but you’ll be surprised at how often your initial vision of a photograph can be improved by a simple change of location. That is the beauty of shooting digital, it gives you the freedom to experiment without putting a huge dent into your pocketbook. Of course, there are many other elements to composition that can improve a photograph. Let’s not forget about the incorporation of leading lines, texture, symmetry – the list goes on and on. We may like to call them rules, but when it comes down to it, composition is just as subjective as any form of art. So go ahead and bend the rules a little bit, without experimentation we can never progress.

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Christophe JC H Lamotte whoa thanks :)
Jeff Mayne We don't take a photograph, we make a photograph
Jeff Mayne Last paragraph says it all...
Jeff Mayne So true... just did a photo shoot the other day and my buddy used a 50mm lens... not my cup of tea, I love the 70-200mm is L lens
Jay Carmelotes Thanks for sharing Jeff. I can relate specially when moving around to compose a shot. When I was a tad younger, I'd strap my dslr for a photo walk with only a 50mm fixed lens. You literally have move away from the subject to frame and really have ...

Leadenhall Market Surround Shot Mode (look up and full 360)

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Partha Sarathi Pradhan wow
Justin Ancheta Howto do this?
Calvin Johnson You did a terrific job using surround shot! I am truly inspired to do one myself.
Jeff Mayne Have fun, can't wait to see the images... love the technology
Tim Ross Thanks Jeff Mayne. Gonna try this out this weekend.

First time shooting with Pro. How'd I fair? :(

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Is-haq Habib Ali Nice......??

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Melissa Johnson I have some of those in my backyard, love them!

Big thanks, Jeff Mayne for helping

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Partha Sarathi Pradhan Nice
Christian Joseph Dela Cruz How?

Pro 5900k 3.0 x zoom

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Boom, figured it out!!! 360 pano from s7 to facebook. Irina Gen

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Jeff Mayne But my babies worth it
Jay Carmelotes And I see a clutch disk and pressure plate on the shopping list ;)
Matthew Malloy Go to Modes then Download. Choose Surround Shot. Select this new mode and take shots the same as in Pano but also up and down. When you upload one of these it will be a 360 sphere instead of being fixed to a panoramic straight line. Will upload one in a ...
Melissa Johnson How cool, I'm still trying to figure out all the ins and outs.
Jeff Mayne Welcome

Photos from Nathan Harmston's post

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Shape corection ON or OFF?? Pls tell me

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Jay Carmelotes I'd turn it off, not unless I want to skew my selfies :)D
Chandan Sridhar Wt does shape correction do??
Manny Rarela Off

Auto plus snapseed S7 edge

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Cairo sunset .. Auto + Snapseed

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Ivan Stamenkovic What are you doing in this photo which perfomanse
Zinadin Ahmed Yen brother you are a very good photographer keep up da good works

Night activity....

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Samos island Greece!!! Pythagoras statue!!!

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Dessya Paramitha Love the colors ❤

Samos island Greece!!!!

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