Gerry Jerps Bernal Paladan
13:58 10/20/2016

Starfish island honda bay philippines

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One of the wonders of the world Underground river puerto princesa palawan philippines #s7

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Gerry Jerps Bernal Paladan Yes po maganda po dito di masasayang ung gagastusin nyo worth it napakaganda ng pilipinas XD
Kimuel Castro Boss may tour kayo diyan? Hahaha.

Philippine tree "talisay" #s7

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Peaceful mind.... Nature is beautiful.... Location: Mersing Johor MY

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Lukonsolo Jones black/grey

How can I improved night version camera? S7 edge have special settings for this?

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Jay Carmelotes You could lower down the max ISO to reduce the grain on the photo, however you need to compensate with longer shutter to get the desired exposure.
Robin Amarante Practice
Lukonsolo Jones Grey/Black
Kely McClung My only suggestion is to use Pro Mode and capture in DNG Raw... even SnapSeed now can process the bigger DNG file... also, even the slightest shake - even by 1 pixel - will make the shot seem not as sharp as it could be... You have some amazing pictures ...

"Follow the Leader" S7 - Pro Mode - LR Thanks for letting me be a part of this group!

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Jay Carmelotes Kenneth Yamat... May anim na bibe akong nakita ? ? ? (I saw 6 ducks)

Hello, thank you.

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Sunset time at Tengah Island!

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Random snaps from S7 flat.

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Double rainbow

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S7 edge_auto_crop

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Having a s7 is worthy more a note7 Got my Aod update Speed is amazing Amazing Camera #gotwholeworldinmyhands

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Delaney Schafer Always on display does not support third party apps. Also, I'd advise not to use a blue colour on your always on display because blue is the hardest colour for amoled to produce and can result in early pixel burn in.
Mohamad Hassan In my opinion s7 is more worthy than note7 (Take price in consideration)
Vyshnav Puthiyadathil Note 7 = Note 7✋
Georgina Reynolds Malakas ba sa battery pag naka AOD?
Eli T. Riviera he meant what was the latest version number.?

Food food...

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"RGB" Auto Mode Edited using Snapseed

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Charles McMaster Zinadin Ahmed Yen Tt eSports Poseidon Z RGB
Zinadin Ahmed Yen keyboard model ?

Peaceful. Tool Wiz edit.

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S7 - Pro Mode - LR

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Kely McClung I'll be back home soon.. try selective mode with your camera.. then adjust in a program like snapseed...
Jisan Hasan I have a s7.. I want to take photo like this...plz help me about this setting..
Jisan Hasan plz help me...I don't understand
Jisan Hasan please give me a screenshot plz.. I don't understand this setting..
Kely McClung Pro mode and light room.. :)

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#s7edge #ISO64 #PROMODE

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"Hi guys... I see the sun!!!"

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Matthew Malloy Stand out from the crowd
Jay Carmelotes Mooi foto!

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Jeppy Lumagui Now. Run!!!!!!!
Jay Carmelotes I don't wanna know what that is ? ? ?

s7 edge.. pro mode

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