Théo Turtle-Voisin
21:27 10/19/2016

Pro mode snapseed #GolfeduMorbihan #S7Edge #BeautifulWorld

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S7 - Pro Mode - LR

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Kely McClung I'll be back home soon.. try selective mode with your camera.. then adjust in a program like snapseed...
Jisan Hasan I have a s7.. I want to take photo like this...plz help me about this setting..
Jisan Hasan plz help me...I don't understand
Jisan Hasan please give me a screenshot plz.. I don't understand this setting..
Kely McClung Pro mode and light room.. :)

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#s7edge #ISO64 #PROMODE

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"Hi guys... I see the sun!!!"

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Matthew Malloy Stand out from the crowd
Jay Carmelotes Mooi foto!

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Jeppy Lumagui Now. Run!!!!!!!
Jay Carmelotes I don't wanna know what that is ? ? ?

s7 edge.. pro mode

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Thank you for the add!! :)

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Jay Carmelotes Welcome to the group. Please feel free to post pictures taken from your S7/S7E. Enjoy

"Color Blind" - S7 - Pro Mode - LR

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S7 edge Auto

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Pro + Snapseed

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S7 Pro + Snapseed

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Morning in Cyprus - Automode

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Jay Carmelotes Awesome view bro!
Angie Eigna Where in cyprus ? ?

City Life - Pro Mode - LR - PS

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Jay Carmelotes Awesome framing! ???

s7 edge . auto mode .

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Saiden Damiano Ampuan what a good shot

Samos vathy!!!!foto from s7edge!!!

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Auto + Snapspeed ,cheers! ?

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Auto+ Snapseed

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Reflection Device: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Location: Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand ISO: 50 Shutter speed: 1/450s

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Miriam Tilli that random tourist... next time ask your time, tell to the people that you want to make a pic, but not about yourself, without anybody and do it. even better if you have a friend with you, who can keep the newcomers away.
Jomer Cruz Photoshop ung s7 logo?
Ritul Gogoi is it necessary to but a sd card to save raw photos? or it can be done in phone memorY?
Roze C. Calingo Yes. I can't do this also hahaha
Jap Pajarillo How?

"Calm before the storm" S7edge auto mode+snapspeed #SuperTyphoonHaima #Lawin #PH #s7edgephotography

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Azman Riz Just like rod Stewart song...
Christophe JC H Lamotte wheres this?

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Amol Mahind Yes its with Pro mode... ISO 100 and Shutterspeed 1/125..
Kent Mia nice. is it pro mode? what is the settings sir?
Jeppy Lumagui Settings please....

Katsu's dip Pro Auto adjust

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