Alen Kahvedžić
12:04 10/18/2016

The gates of the #VRstorytelling realm are opened for you via contest: Take a sneak peak into Erik's winning story:http:


Viar360 – Grand Cinematic VR Storytelling Contest

Viar360 – Grand Cinematic VR Storytelling Contest

Get the chance to win some amazing prizes and classify into Grand Finale to win $1000 in cash & $1000 in Awards & Bragging Rights!

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How virtual reality vacations are moving to compete with the real thing

How virtual reality vacations are moving to compete with the real thing
How virtual reality vacations are moving to compete with the real thing

A growing list of airlines and vacation spots are courting visitors with virtual experiences that offer options that nearly rival the real thing.

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Can U help me? Is possible work with gear360 + galaxy S3 in street view mode? Everyone have tested this? ThankU

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Cristóbal Braun Mesples Im using the 360 app on a Huawei p8 without any problems
Luca Jack Bevinetto Thank you...i try
Mark Rodenburg If that's not working you can try this
Mark Rodenburg Let Google Street view connect it for you. Turn on the camera, open the app en let it connect to the device. If you make a wifi connection before the app is open it disconnects an try to connect again I think that is the problem.
Luca Jack Bevinetto But when I connect cam wi-fi, all ok, the G symbol is on display and the S3 is connected. When (in street wiew app) i go on connect spherical cam the wi-fi disconnect the cam. I try many times bat same. Is possible that work only on android 5 phones?

Amparo terraza-bistro. Colima, México.

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Ivan Barajas
Ivan Barajas Es una lástima que facebook le quite calidad
John T. Baquiran Your 360 photo works. I'm still getting flat image.


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DONT TRY THIS AT HOME - this is how i need to describe my experience with my Gear360 at a concert ... Samsung current promote the cam by a filming a concert in a low light veneu. What a hoax. Because this is what you get: (PS: Maybe you might turn of your speakers. Its Death Metal and the sound comes directly from the cam - at least this suprised me, because for that the sound is better than expected :D )

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David Hall You have to keep the ISO level about 800 and then crank up the light setting. I don't have a good example uploaded but from playing around with it, anything above 800 ISO has horrible noise but lower ISO means less light captured.
Ralfonso Kamin dont know why your video looks so "low light" experience looks like this of course not as brilliant as in the ad, but better than expected for this lillte cam ;-)

Virtual Reality, Makerspaces, and Online Learning on the Horizon for Education
Virtual Reality, Makerspaces, and Online Learning on the Horizon for Education

Virtual Reality, Makerspaces, and Online Learning on the Horizon for Education By: Kate DeNardi News EducationK-12 Oct 5, 2016 | 4:10 pm Share This Story (Photo: Shutterstock) Over the next five years, technology is going to shake up K-12 education. The NMC/CoSN Horizon Report: 2016 K-12 Edition, pu...

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FYI -- here's a link to version of Action Director which was released last month. It includes better stitching than the previous version. Look back to early Sept posts in this group for discussion on the matter and comparisons. The product download link is near the bottom of the page linked here:

Gear 360
Gear 360

Learn more about the Gear 360

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Andreas Tichon If someone needs an unused key...
Vivian Van Zyl I had to download, uninstall and reinstall. Did not do update for me.
Daniel Fishelson Auto update or do we have to do something?
Vivian Van Zyl Remember to have also your "key" handy.

It appears FB has fixed the issue regarding 360 pics posting correctly. I'm on version

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Gediminas Rūkas Got FB update right now, checked - bug still here :(
Mark Rodenburg Here same problem, flat and not recognize theta pictures as a 360 (metadata is correct, worked before)
Marcel Oehlen here and still having problem :/.
Jason Salas Not for me...same build of the Android app, but my images are still coming out flat.

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I did this small experiment by taking 2 pictures at the same location using 2 different methods. [ Image 1 ] was taken with the button and stitched via ActionDirector. [ Image 2 ] was taken with Google Street View and downloaded. I have the specs of each pic in the images and they both look pretty much the same to me after I processed them in Corel Paint. Can anyone see a difference in the images?

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Vivian Van Zyl I installed the 2005 version and the output file in now slightly bigger (2.7 MB) and seems to look better.
Jamal Jamie Green Interesting test. Definitely a case where I want to chk out the flat file outside of 360 mode so I don't get dizzy!
Jamal Jamie Green Which version of Action Director? Also, you say you have no EXIF data after stitching in AD? That is definitely not the case for me.
Vivian Van Zyl Also, when I download the file to ActionDirector it is a 11.2 MB file, but after stitching it turns into a 2.6 MB file. Any idea why?
Pablo Sáenz ActionDirector looks better to me.

Halloween 2016 is coming soon Check out our work done by Special Txs to Maestro Billy Lars Gute Mini Hüü Simone Dornieden Holger Dornieden Elinor Spactulente Kathleen Kinzel Christoph Kieslich

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Mario Alejandro Gilio Bastante pedorra la producción. Pero igual admiro el esfuerzo de realizar contenido 360.
Marco Kolk Nice done
Saurabh Ranjan Well done mate. The washed out CC looks good for the genre. Did you use the GoPro setup?

You can now buy Samsung’s Gear 360 VR camera at most major U.S. carriers and Best Buy

You can now buy Samsung’s Gear 360 VR camera at most major U.S. carriers and Best Buy
You can now buy Samsung’s Gear 360 VR camera at most major U.S. carriers and Best Buy

Samsung's Gear 360 virtual reality camera can now be purchased at more locations. Previously only available through online retailers, the company is now also selling the device directly in-store through Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, and Best Buy.

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Hue Q Wong hahah that made me laugh this morning! top notch!
Jonny Sparrow Lets NOT start calling it 'The Hand Grenade'

What's the best way to upload 360 video so you can watch it on the Gear VR? I have a few videos that are short enough to upload directly to Facebook, but some of them are pretty big files

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Diego Martín del Pozo Via usb to the movies folder and then use oculus video or samsung internet app

Timeline Photos

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Jonny Sparrow Nice! I want one :)
Jonny Sparrow Long pole from the bushes?
Jonny Sparrow Curious where the camera is for this shot?

What a view! Imagine sitting here a warm summer evening enjoying a cold beer...

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Sandra Grudain Forbes I love this.. It's beautiful! Thanks :)
Fredric Sommer True. Looked more like spam at first.
Trina Elkjær Andreasen Which can also be viewed with Gear VR
Trina Elkjær Andreasen Because it is a 360 image...
Fredric Sommer This is a group for Samsung 360 so why post it here then?

Need help, don't think this works with gear vr well, and it said it would... Any got any know-how about this?

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Riku Williams Thank you got all of your input, I'm going to get a game pad today, I'm gonna go with a more Playstation look, I really wanted this one to work because using both hands kinda takes away.
Nicholai Kristensen The controller works. :) i have one my self. But after getting annoyed of it, cause i had to learn the buttons, i bought a normal bluetooth gaming controller, much better, and yes. My s6 edge + overheats after 30 - 50 minutes :-/
Jonny Sparrow I used mine a lot in the sun and now I look like a Panda, please help
Matthew Orlowski How many? I've found one - OVERHEATING :(
Patricio Munoz That's basically a Bluetooth controller, there is no gyroscope in there, so just in case you're expecting it to work in that capacity, it won't. I have the same one, used it like once or twice. There are some games that work with the input from the ...

Vespa GT

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Gear 360 Halloween Edition ??? #kuula

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Test FB France direct with app FaceBook on my S7

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Jamal Jamie Green The new version of Fb app broke 360 uploads via the Gear360 app (see earlier posts.) Reverting to older version of the Fb app fixes it (or just bypass the app via desktop.)

I think I found a work around now that Facebook is giving people trouble...use Flickr

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Valentyn Semak allows you to publish 360 photos, and when share at Facebook it makes it normal view, no distortion, means no problem with Facebook, while they update their servers.
Jonny Sparrow Or just use google pictures
Eduards Lakis Except that Flickr distorts nadir & zenith