Andrea Virga
08:27 10/18/2016

The day goes on #sunset #sea #boats #s7edge

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Pro mode - snapseed @The Yard

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I did a senior photo shoot for my daughter last evening... can you tell which 3 images were taken with a Canon 7D Mark II and a 70-200 f2/8 lens from the ones I shot with my Galaxy s7?

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Imbru Its the 2nd one i think , the one u edited with snapseed was shot with the s7
Jeff Mayne Very nice!
Bruce Crescencio Ill show you one picture sur that I shot with my rebel 1000d
Jeff Mayne Can't wait...
Bruce Crescencio Im currently shooting at the 1000d sir for 6years now. And id really love to get a new camera.. thats why im very very excited to get the 80d Ü. Ill post some of my pics sir once I have the 80d so that you can give me some advice Ü

#Manila #Philippines

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Segzzy Bola Hi
Jay-r Errea love it! if only the sky is more detailed

I want to get a poll going. I personally have the regular S7. I want to know what other people have and compare them. So give a thumbs up if you have the regular S7 and give a heart if you have the edge.

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Sazzad Quayum I also use regular s7?
Delaney Schafer Also, judging by the poll it looks as though about two thirds of people have the S7 edge and one third have the regular.
Delaney Schafer Ya I know what you mean. But I think the screen is plastic and will scratch much easier.
Dustin Jolley Kinda wish I got the active honestly, I have the edge but kinda wish I wouldn't have went for the aesthetics. Active has longer battery life, shatter RESISTANT screen, and is much more durable. I haven't hurt my edge, but I treat it like a baby.

VSCO cam s7edge

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Tohn A. Mayer It is a application filter.
Daniel Penov what is VSCO? pls tell me :)

VSCO cam s7 edge

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Jraibur Rubia Nice
Mark Andrew Baytan Beautiful

Automático. Sin editar.

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Romina Gariboglio Gracias
Ali Ortiz Barragán Hermosa

Good morning! :)

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Ahmed Al-Bayati Nice one
Robin Amarante What software did you used?
Jap Pajarillo Nice auto.
Thomas Przegralek Waou :O Whats setting ? ! beautiful !

Mediterranean prawns ?

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S7edge Snapseed +Photo Studio PRO

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My city Birmingham S7edge Snapseed

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Atieh Alkhatbah Loay Gharib

rainy season ⛆☔ Pro Mode + Snapseed

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Daniel Penov snap speed ?
Mark Andrew Baytan Awesome


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Ancol Auto VSCO

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John Nelson Chavez i think i have over saturated the pic :D
Loay Gharib Atieh Alkhatbah

??⚘?????? #ProMode #Snapseed

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