Théo Turtle-Voisin
10:28 10/16/2016

#PROMODE #Snapseed #SerrePonçon #BeautifulWorld

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awesome classroom

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How can i reduce sharpened and oversaturated ?

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Kieru Hakuchūmu Short answer: Capture the subject as RAW using the Pro Mode and post-process it yourself. :)
Azman Riz Reduce the EV... under pro mode ... toggle the + - button
Paul Chadwick If you mean in this photograph, Windows "Photo" and "Photo Gallery" both have a simple ability to reduce the saturation but I've no idea how to reduce the sharpness. If you mean how to reduce the saturation & sharpness prior to taking a photo, shoot in ...

English summer ;)S7edge Snapseed

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Atieh Alkhatbah Loay Gharib
Htêt Wüňñ Sâw can you show me snapseed app icon ? Because i want that app and i don't know what is it

Thanks for accepting. ? #s7edgephotography

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Duy Vo Wao!

A7 Hdr

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Fadli Sanusi To admin. .. pls remove this pic... I forgot it's for s7e n 7...

May S7 Edge Buddy. Nikon D90. ?

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S7 Pro + Snapseed

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The Lampshade. Pro + Snap S7 Edge

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Raymund Bumagat Where did you create your watermark?

Concrete jungle (local) where dreams are made of. #Ortigas #Manila

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Rafael Reynel Avalos Awesome dude

Panorama mode No edit . S7 edge

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try nyo to mga boss maganda para sa edge natin

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Eufelu Anino Hd link pls
Christophe JC H Lamotte sir ... for the nth time. ENGLISH please.

We got a storm brewing.

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Delaney Schafer Snow yup
Matthias Johansson Snow!?!?!?!?!

Pro/No Filter

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Hello you guys. I'm new member and i'm from Viet Nam :) I've used S7 from May, 2016. Nice to meet you all :)

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Christophe JC H Lamotte Welcome :)
Vyshnav Puthiyadathil ѕυρєя ¢ℓι¢кѕ..... ѕαмѕυиg???
Rafael Reyes Welcome!
Jgz Montalvo Welcome, Nhất! Wonderful photos! :)

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S7 edge Pro/No edit #overlooking

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Rudi Hermawan Cool shot (y)
Creza McGlone Nice shot ?

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Ahsan Arshad Gara the kazekage.
Calvin Johnson Do we get the interactive notifications for AOD like the N7?
Hannan Shahid Does setting image on AOD effect battery life?
Muhamad Farhan Wow, nice AOD, where you get?

Subic Philippines :) #S7E

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Christophe JC H Lamotte youre near swiss border?
Loay Gharib Atieh Alkhatbah