Jay Carmelotes
04:27 10/15/2016

Birthday Boy Beagle


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S7 Edge Vscocam, Snapseed

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Orquídea S7 Edge No Filter

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Good morning! May I know what is your preffered custom camera setting? tia

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Robin Amarante It depends.
Json Villaluna If you know the technicality of using the pro mode or manual then its always best to use it than auto.

Good day s7e users! Auto+snapseed

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Volker Kotzerke Sehr schön..... Urlaub!
Facundo Bes Beautiful landscape!
Đức Trọng sorry. you might ask yourself is not full HD link?
Rj Cristal Wow.. nice photo


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Only our device can take photo like this ❤ Auto + Snapseed

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Christophe JC H Lamotte did you use a dome?
Jgz Montalvo It takes good camera and creativity to take such photo. Good job, Sir.
Ignatius Praditya Wisnu Sasongko Here, take my like!
Json Villaluna How did you do it?

1st photo is original 2nd is first edit and 3rd is final Which do you prefer?

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Jamille Cañano 1st
Joanna Frances Sabile Valin 1st!
Rod Phillip D. Salting Original =)
Oliver Santos 1st - texture + details
Odi Pua Lao 2nd!

It frees me...

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Christophe JC H Lamotte because it captures a frame in time and it is stuck there forever like a memory you can always revisit.

I tried Charlie Chaplin filter today?...very interesting

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Loc Tan Dinh You too

Edited with Color Pop and Snapseed:)

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The Golden Hour S7 - Pro Edited with vscocam P.s look at the wave! So aweeeesome ??

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Paul Vincent Pena ?...nice shot?
Eduardo Garcia Great shot

S7 edge no edit

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Thanks for the add ? I'm just about to order a s7 edge and one of my main uses will be pics.is it easy to get great pics with this phone ?

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Helen Thornley No it was between Red Screes and Middle Dodd on Wednesday ?
Paul Chadwick It's certainly easy to get good photos Helen; & I guess with a little practice you'll be able to get great ones Can I ask is your cover photo of Fairfield Horseshoe?

From Greece with love!!!!!

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S7 edge Pro mode +snapseed

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Daniel Penov Snapseed is app for editing pictures??
Mariusz Gnieciak super


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Loay Gharib i hope i can visit it again..


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Mark Andrew Baytan Awesome


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S7 is the best guys

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S7EPhotography Philippines

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S7E Pro.

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Jeppy Lumagui Ganda ng clouds. ?

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