Jeff Mayne
21:29 10/14/2016

1st photo is original
2nd is first edit and
3rd is final
Which do you prefer?

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Jamille Cañano
Joanna Frances Sabile Valin
Rod Phillip D. Salting
Original =)
Oliver Santos
1st - texture + details
Odi Pua Lao
Eufelu Anino
Ulysess Joemar Miranda
2nd :)
David Gomez

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It frees me...

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Christophe JC H Lamotte because it captures a frame in time and it is stuck there forever like a memory you can always revisit.

I tried Charlie Chaplin filter today?...very interesting

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Loc Tan Dinh You too

Edited with Color Pop and Snapseed:)

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The Golden Hour S7 - Pro Edited with vscocam P.s look at the wave! So aweeeesome ??

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Paul Vincent Pena ?...nice shot?
Eduardo Garcia Great shot

S7 edge no edit

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Thanks for the add ? I'm just about to order a s7 edge and one of my main uses will be it easy to get great pics with this phone ?

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Helen Thornley No it was between Red Screes and Middle Dodd on Wednesday ?
Paul Chadwick It's certainly easy to get good photos Helen; & I guess with a little practice you'll be able to get great ones Can I ask is your cover photo of Fairfield Horseshoe?

From Greece with love!!!!!

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S7 edge Pro mode +snapseed

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Daniel Penov Snapseed is app for editing pictures??
Mariusz Gnieciak super


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Loay Gharib i hope i can visit it again..


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Mark Andrew Baytan Awesome


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S7 is the best guys

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S7EPhotography Philippines

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S7E Pro.

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Jeppy Lumagui Ganda ng clouds. ?

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Underwater test for S7edge. ?

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Tinkervhel Siman Villabroza Joshua,hanga na talaga ko. Ang galing oh. ???
Maileen Fajardo Jacobe Gano kalalim? Hindi ko pa tintry yung sakin.

#S7edge evening~

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S7 edge UK

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Genaro Godinez wara bomb!!
Eli T. Riviera I cry really
Aaron Paul Bernas ?? Well its not so bad.. you're only the Best phone i ever had.. ??
Hanni Lim I love this phone and I'm so sad I have to give it up.
Emil Tajonera nope 7

Photos from Phillip Wang's post

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Loay Gharib Atieh Alkhatbah
Dessya Paramitha Hongkong?

?? Auto+snapseed

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John Ray Enimedez Love that cat
Jade Alcazar Beautiful miming(cat)! <3